Business Change

Information Technology is woven into the fabric of most businesses but the wrong tools can significantly degrade your performance and competitive edge.

If you sense that things could be a bit better in your business Watford Consulting can help.

We’ll work with you to identify those areas of your business which will gain the most from a bit of ‘IT Re-engineering’ and together we can start sketching out solutions.

Generally we favour small software products focused on solving a particular class of problem. Small products are effective as they are easy to understand, can be prototyped and developed faster and mean the business can unleash the benefit of their investment much sooner.

That rapid turnaround time is a cornerstone of agile methodologies. A minimum viable product is built and released, allowing rapid feedback and re-calibration of the business need. Don’t wait for huge costly software projects to complete, let Watford Consulting help you release and start benefiting from smaller products now.