Multiple Advice at the Same Pointcut

Continuing from the program presented in the previous post (another-aspect-to-spring.html) we’ll take the source code (from here if needed) and weave in an additional Advice to count the words being said by ChatterBox. First we’ll add the code to ChatterBoxCounerAdvice (see Listing 1) which will examine the strings to be ‘said’ by ChatterBox and keep […]

Another aspect to Spring

Take our Hello, Spring World program from the previous post (hello-spring-world) Lets says we wanted to count all the characters given to ChatterBox to say. Perhaps ChatterBox is an old fashioned telegraph operator and is paid per character transmitted. We could add some counting code to ChatterBox to keep a count of all characters ‘said’. […]

Hello, Spring World

This post shows how to create a very simple Hello, World type program using the Spring framework’s Dependency Injection functionality. The project presented in this post can be downloaded at Load the SpringSource Tool Suite, or your Spring enable eclipse installation. Select File->New->Project… Choose the Maven Project from the Maven folder. Enable option (check […]

Getting going with Spring development

I’m working on some small projects that I will post here to demonstrate some Spring functionality. To follow/build the projects I recommend installing the SpringSource Tool Suite. The tool suite is a version of eclipse customised towards Spring development activities. You can carry out Spring development without the Tool Suite, but I’d recommend its use […]

Getting some data and building a decoder

If you’ve followed my recent posts so far we’ve built a little hibernate app in eclipse to write amateur radio (ham) call signs to a mysql database. Next it would be nice to get a source of data. The APRS-IS (Automatic Packet Reporting System-Internet Service) channels data from APRS networks from around the world and […]

Config file for Log4J and using a HibernateUtil class

The hibernate tutorial recommends using a utility class for getting access to a hibernate session. We use the session to open and close transactions and to associate object instances with hibernate for persistence and management. Create a new package, Add file with the following contents: Change to contain the following: It is […]

Setting up the hibernate compile time and runtime environments with eclipse

This post will deal with getting the relevant jars to compile and execute programs using hibernate with eclipse. The first persistent class will not use annotations, but will use a mapping file – this reduces (by a tiny amount) the number of jars we need to get setup. Go to and download Hibernate Core. […]

A basic hibernate program

If you’ve followed my previous posts you should now have eclipse running with a basic project created called aprs. In this post we are going to add a Callsign class to the project. All amateur radio broadcasts are identifiable by a callsign. Eventually we will capture those call signs and persist them to the database […]

Setting up a development environment on the Eee PC 901 Linux variant

A couple of months ago I purchased an Eee PC 901. A couple of days ago I decided it was about time I set it up for a bit of Java development. All discussions about whether the 901 is suitable for active development aside, it should be possible. My Eee PC is still in its […]

Getting Mysql On Eee Pc 901

I fancied doing some database work on the Eee PC so needed a DBMS to play with. Mysql is a very popular database system so would be worth getting installed. The ASUS dpkg repositories for the eee pc don’t contain mysql server, and I didn’t want to mess around with other repositories. One day I’ll […]