Getting going with Spring development

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I’m working on some small projects that I will post here to demonstrate some Spring functionality.

To follow/build the projects I recommend installing the SpringSource Tool Suite. The tool suite is a version of eclipse customised towards Spring development activities. You can carry out Spring development without the Tool Suite, but I’d recommend its use if you’re new to Spring.

It also comes with Maven preconfigured. I use Maven since it provides a nice way of grabbing all the dependencies I need for a project. I’d recommend taking a look at
Getting SpringSource Tool Suite Visit and click the Download link towards the bottom of the page. The next page requires you enter some information and click the Download Now button to get access to the software.
The next page provides a list of all the different distribution options. I went for the win32 installer option.
Installing SpringSource Tool Suite If you have downloaded an installer option, run the installer.

  • For steps 1 to 4 of the installation accept the license and any defaults presented.
  • Step 5 requires identifying the path to your JDK. For example, C:Program FilesJavajdk1.6.0_17.
  • At step 6 the installer will begin copying and configuring STS.
  • Accept the defaults for steps 7 and 8.
Daniel Watford

Daniel Watford

A Software Consultant with over 20 years experience building solutions to help organisations solve problems and improve their business processes with both bespoke software and off-the-shelf IT.

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